City of Brussels, Brussels Capital, Belgium
Living in Europe: an overview of prices for new real estate in European metropolitan areas

Have you ever thought about buying property in Europe? In this case, buying an apartment in one of the European capitals can be the best and safest option. But in which city in Europe should you choos...

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Have you ever thought about buying property in Europe? In this case, buying an apartment in one of the European capitals can be the best and safest option. But in which city in Europe should you choose real estate: London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid or Prague? What is the average cost per square meter in these cities? And is it worth while choosing a home to be guided solely by affordability and budget?
The question of how to save and increase capital has been perhaps the most important question in economics for centuries. Every global crisis adds a special urgency to this problem. But, whatever happens in the world, investing in real estate is traditionally the most optimal and understandable tool for capital management. Large European cities such as Berlin and London attract buyers primarily because the real estate market in them is almost always stable, and even grows in times of crisis. Real estate prices in such cities have not changed for years, and the market is so voluminous that it attracts buyers from all over the world and providing real estate liquidity. London, Paris and Berlin are some of the most expensive destinations, but there are equally interesting alternatives. Brussels and Prague are becoming more and more popular cities for purchasing real estate. For example, an apartment with an area of ​​92 sq m in a new residential complex in Brussels will cost only 285,000 euros. If you choose a property for subsequent renting, then Prague and Madrid, both popular tourist destinations, can be an excellent choice in terms of price and quality. In this property selection you can also get acquainted with other directions. Of course, the real estate markets of each of these cities are huge economic structures, which are devoted to separate marketing research. However, our property selection, at least, give you a succinct and concise idea of the cost of a property in a European metropolis.

Paris, Île-de-France Region, France
Apartment in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, France

Paris, the large metropolis, a bright city with a light romantic atmosphere, a center of aesthetics, sophistication and fashion trends, a city of rich cultural heritage. Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world with a high standard of living and high prices for it. Property prices in Paris are also among the highest in Europe, due to obvious factors, and rates are almost constantly increasing. The capital of France is divided into twenty arrondissements, which correspond to administrative regions. Due to its geographical position in relation to the economic centers of Paris, and the environment and living conditions they offer, there is no equal average price in the arrondissements for the entire city. For example, the average price per square meter of an apartment in cosmopolitan areas, such as the 19th and 20th arrondissements, located in the northeastern part of the city, was about 9,000 euros per square meter. m, compared to more than 13,000 euros per sq m in the most expensive districts (1st, 4th, 6th and 7th). As of November 2020, the 6th arrondissement of Paris was the area with the highest average price per square meter for an apartment in the French capital. In this district, which includes several historical sites such as Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the French Academy and the Luxembourg Gardens, the average price per square meter was 14 658 euros. But, nevertheless, in Paris you can buy an excellent apartment in a high-quality building under construction at an acceptable average cost for this city. So, a small apartment with an area of ​​37 sq m, with one bedroom, located in a high-class condominium under construction in the 13th arrondissement of Paris will cost 398,000 euros (10,756 euros / sq m).

398 000 EUR
Berlin, Germany
Real estate in multicultural Berlin, Germany

The German capital attracts new arrivals every year, thanks to the ideal combination of economy, political situation and a high-quality high standard of living. People come to Berlin not only to work or study at the best universities and international schools in the country. Many simply move here, once falling in love with this city. Due to these factors, there is a great demand for real estate, especially in the central districts of the city, but the supply is not able to fully satisfy it. Despite numerous new construction projects from open-source cooperative construction companies or private developers, the proposal still does not meet the demand.
After a year of the pandemic, Berlin's real estate market remains intact and begins 2021 with a significant growth rate, with the number of properties on offer slowly increasing for the first time in many years. As of the beginning of spring 2021, the average selling price, according to experts, is about 5,050 euros /sq m. This means that prices have risen by about 6.4% compared to the same period a year ago. For new construction projects, the average list price is around 6,600 euros /sq m. Note that this is the average price per square meter of housing, which is varies depending on the distance from the center and iconic places of the city, and near the center, nevertheless, the cost of an apartment in a new building is about 8,000 /sq m. For example, in the central area of ​​the city of Mitte, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​59 sq m, located in a new residential complex with all amenities, is about 478,000 euros, that is, 8,101 euros /sq m.

478 000 EUR
Monaco, Municipality of Monaco
The world's most expensive real estate market, Monaco

The real estate market in Monaco is the most expensive in the world, while the demand for real estate of all types remains high, the exclusivity of Monaco is unmatched. As one of the smallest countries on earth in terms of area, Monaco is home to more millionaires in relation to its population than any other country, according to Savills, according to a WealthInsight report. Celebrities, titans of industry, aristocrats and other representatives of the world elite call the principality their home. An attractive financial regime and location on the Mediterranean Sea are some of the factors behind its popularity. Despite the recent pandemic, the residential real estate market remains the most expensive in the world and the supply of new real estate is limited. The average price per square meter is over 48,000 euros. In Monaco itself, in the Monte Carlo area, it is even more expensive, the average price is 53,000 euros per square meter. In comparison, luxury real estate in New York costs half as much as in Monaco, and in London and Paris - by 60% and 68%, respectively.
The number of new properties sold in Monaco remains small: on average, 27 new properties were sold per year over the past decade, which is 7% of all sales. The principality is heavily limited by land plots, which has led to a small number of new developments. Monaco's worldwide reputation ensures that the level of demand for real estate exceeds supply. In the future, despite the fact that new large projects are in development, there are fewer new units than necessary. This dynamic means that prices, although the highest in the world, are expected to remain stable. For example, a prestigious studio apartment with an area of ​​59 sq m, located in an elite building in the Saint-Roman area, will cost € 3,250,000

3 250 000 EUR
Madrid, Spain
Apartment in the vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid

Madrid, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the capital of Spain with a rich cultural and artistic heritage - here organically combines medieval architecture and modern business centers, the best nightlife venues in Europe, the largest outlets, green parks and many museums. Madrid can be divided into two main zones: the old traditional center, where the old Puerta del Sol and Gran Vía are located, as well as the surrounding areas of the 17th century - Austrian (built during the reign of the Habsburgs), Arguelles, Chueca, Malasanya and Chambery. The second zone is the new quarters of Madrid, like the cosmopolitan Castellana with its business offices and upscale hotels, the strictly planned Salamanca district.
The real estate market in Spain is actively developing. Even despite the long crisis caused by the pandemic, in June 2020, prices for Spanish new buildings reached their highest in the last decade. According to Idealista with reference to the Appraisal Society, the price of new housing in Spain at the end of June is 2,472 euros / sq m, and this is the highest figure since 2010. The average cost per square meter in Madrid is around 2,900 euros. Housing in new buildings in Spain is in the greatest demand among local and foreign buyers. Experts attribute this to the high quality of construction and materials used.
The number of transactions in the elite sector of Spanish real estate is also increasing (sales in the amount of 900,000 euros), and the bulk of transactions are made under the Golden Visa program. Employees of S&P Global Ratings note that the growth in property prices in Spain will remain stable in the coming years - according to the organization, Spain is the fourth fastest growing country in Europe after Germany, Holland and Portugal. Despite the average cost per square meter of housing, a one-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​60 sq m, in a good area of ​​Madrid, in new complex with a swimming pool and all goods, will cost about 5,900 euros /sq m (357,000 euros).

357 000 EUR
Lisbon, Lisbon District, Portugal
Good property prices in Lisbon, Portugal

Absolutely unique, inimitable, diverse and vibrant - Lisbon cannot be confused with any other city in the world, like Portugal itself - one name makes the heart beat faster, and colorful pictures of this beautiful country on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean appear in your head.
With its convenient program for obtaining a European residence permit for real estate investments, Portugal has become a very popular destination. The cost of real estate in Lisbon is very reasonable by European standards. Portugal's housing market remains strong, but the pace of growth in house prices is currently slowing as the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the country's economy as a whole. During the year and through November 2020, residential property prices in Portugal rose 6.32% to an average price of 1,144 euros, while property prices in the Lisbon metropolitan area rose 5.83% in November 2020. Thus, now the average price of an apartment in the center of Lisbon is 4,411.57 euros /sq m (varies from 3,000 to 6,500 euros / sq m). The price per square meter outside the city center is about 2,614.21 euros.
Real estate prices in Lisbon are still very reasonable by European standards. For example you can buy an excellent apartment overlooking the Tagus River in a new elite residential complex. The area of ​​such a one-bedroom apartment is 60 sq m, and the cost does not exceed 5,000 euros per square meter.

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