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TOP 10 Most Unusual Houses In The World

Modern architecture and trends in the design of houses projects, today, can hardly surprise anyone. Styles such as modern, constructivism, minimalism, deconstructivism and high-tech have won worldwide...

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Modern architecture and trends in the design of houses projects, today, can hardly surprise anyone. Styles such as modern, constructivism, minimalism, deconstructivism and high-tech have won worldwide love and are constantly used in the creation of new modern residential and commercial real estate projects around the world. Of course, there are real diamonds in modern architecture, projects that become visiting cards and landmarks of big cities. Notable examples of modern architecture projects include the Burj Khalifa in the UAE, the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, the Wuxi Wanda Exhibition Center and CCTV headquarters in Beijing, the Sydney Opera House, St. Mary Ax 30 Tower in London, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore and other famous buildings that everyone knows about. But few people know about the existence of, of course, not such large-scale, but no less extravagant houses in different parts of our planet. As in any art, uniqueness and originality are valued in architecture and design, which manifests itself in the creation of the most unusual projects. Most of them have a single concept, namely, unity with nature. Architects create small but very original houses in nature - in forests, protected areas and national parks, and they do it very carefully, trying not to harm the environment. Rather, on the contrary, current trends and client requests encourage architects to create projects that literally merge with nature. Bringing to life fantastic ideas of customers little-known architects receive worldwide recognition, because news about new and interesting projects instantly becomes public.
Looking through our property selection of the most unusual houses in the world, you will definitely be surprised more than once at how the authors of these projects break all stereotypes about architecture.

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Unusual architectural projects in Spain

The architecture company Solo Houses has already designed 12 very unusual houses in Spain - some of them have already been created and some are still under construction. One example of their creations is the "round house" created by the architectural studio Office KGDVS. This house in the form of a "circle", despite its large size, visually does not take up much space, and practically disappears in the middle of nature. The residence is located in a large unspoiled forest in the mountainous area of ​​Matarraña, two hours south of Barcelona. The architects sought to emphasize the natural beauty of the area as much as possible, creating a house without restrictions in relation to the surrounding landscape - a living area with a landscape passing through it and a comfortable space built on a plateau. The Round House is a covered "path" between the nature reserve and the courtyard. Four pillars support the roof and separate rooms and living quarters, and the facades can be fully opened to remove the border between the inside and outside. The inner courtyard in the very center is partly occupied by an artificial lake.
Among the company's famous projects, there is also an inverted pyramid house, a crystal house and other buildings, the projects of which can already be seen in the photo and on the Solo Houses website.

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Malibu, State of California, United States of America
Flintstones House в США

Необычный домик, известный как Flintstones House, расположен в окрестностях Малибу, недалеко от побережья. Дом в стиле знаменитого мультфильма "Flintstones" окружает обширный тропический сад, а из панорамных окон дома открывается прекрасный вид на побережье. Ассиметричные стены имитируют отделку из натурального камня, буквально все предметы интерьера выполнены из натурального камня и дерева. Уютный пещерный дом поражает обилием дизайнерских аксессуаров: статуэток из камня, необычных ламп, поделок из дерева и живых растений. В некоторых комнатах на стенах присутствует интересная роспись, а в гостиной есть чудесный камин. Кстати, раньше дом был белым, но позже его покрасили в красные и фиолетовые оттенки, и тем самым, по мнению многих, испортили его внешний вид. Оригинальный дом является точной копией «пещерного жилища», в котором жила семья героев мультфильма, и принадлежит он известному телеведущему Дину Кларку. Домик был построен еще в середине 70-х годов прошлого столетия, и тогда действительно считался необычным произведение архитектурного искусства, как в прочем и "дом пузырей" Пьера Кардена. На самом деле, владельцы уже давно пытаются продать эту недвижимость, но, видимо, просят за нее слишком много. Изначально она продавалась за 4,2 млн. долларов, но позже цена снизилась до 3,2 млн. долларов, но пока покупателей не нашлось. Будущие владельцы этого уникального дома будут иметь в распоряжении 250 кв. м жилого пространства и три спальни. Безусловно, этот проект с уверенностью можно назвать частичкой истории.

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