Bulgaria, Turkey
The most inexpensive places in European countries to buy property

Do you agree that when it comes to buying real estate abroad, this process is associated with significant cash investments, and even in foreign currency? Many people deny themselves the pleasure of be...

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Do you agree that when it comes to buying real estate abroad, this process is associated with significant cash investments, and even in foreign currency? Many people deny themselves the pleasure of becoming the owner of an apartment in Europe or on the coast, often putting themselves in the framework of various restrictions in advance, connected primarily with the budget and the phrase: "I can't afford it!" But is it really so? By creating this selection, we were once again convinced that the markets of each country are so diverse and offer real estate options for literally any budget. There are so many beautiful countries in Europe where you can create a second home, buy a home to rent or buy a house by the sea to constantly be able to relax under the southern sun. You may be surprised, but an apartment by the sea can be bought from 7,000 euros. The most affordable housing options are offered by hospitable Bulgaria, where the average construction cost does not exceed 500 euros per sq. m.
If we talk about apartments on the sea, Turkey can be an excellent choice, here, an even warmer climate will be added to the acceptable prices for housing in residential complexes with swimming pools, and of course, the high quality of construction and service. Montenegro with its luxurious nature and transparent Adriatic remains popular for buying housing by the sea. Of all the above countries, Spain has always had the highest cost per square meter of residential real estate. However, we found that in Spain you can buy an apartment by the sea from 30,000 euros.
What if you are not looking for a beach holiday, but European comfort, safety, educational opportunities for your children or your own career? In this case, it is worth considering Finland - the happiest country in Europe, or Poland, which has made a colossal economic breakthrough and has practically become a business center of Eastern Europe, or Latvia, wich can be a wonderful combination of all of the above.

Real estate on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of those countries that, in a short period of time, since its independence, has become a very popular tourist destination. With its stunning climate, clean Adriatic Sea and friendly locals, this country has become the pearl of southern Europe. The prices are also a big plus - in comparison with the developed countries of Europe, here you can live and relax comfortably for "little money". In addition, the construction boom continues in the country, thanks to the high demand for real estate among foreign investors. The infrastructure of Montenegro has improved significantly in recent years. Today, there is everything for a quality life: international schools, kindergartens, private clinics, a developed banking sector, luxury complexes with embankments, restaurants, boutiques and their own marinas. The country offers a measured lifestyle, stability, security, and a quick prospect of joining the European Union by 2025. This is not to say that the cost of housing in Montenegro is very cheap - the country is small and the land for the construction of objects is becoming less and less. Nevertheless, the average price per square meter of residential property is still significantly lower than in other European countries: from 1200 euros / sq. m in the Barskaya Riviera, from 1700 euros / sq. m in the Budva Riviera, and from 2,000 euros / sq. m on the coast of the Bay of Kotor.

From 50 000 EUR
High investment potential of Poland

European lifestyle at reasonable prices - this is about Poland. An EU member state, Poland has all the qualities of a true Europe. This state has made a significant leap in the development of the economy, infrastructure and other industries and has become very attractive both for investors and for those who come here to rest. But compared to other developed countries in Europe, Poland is still very affordable in terms of prices - here you can still live comfortably and inexpensively and buy real estate. On average, a square meter of housing in Poland will be 7 times cheaper than in London and 5 times cheaper than in Paris. Undoubtedly, the most popular and expensive cities in Poland are Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw, but real estate at affordable prices (on average 1200 euros/ sq. m) is located in regions such as Zelena Gypa, in Sventokshiski, Podlaski and Lublin provinces. In the cities of Rzeszow, Bialystok and Gdansk, the average cost per square meter in a new building does not exceed 1,000 euros. In these regions, you can buy completely new real estate in residential complexes under construction and with a larger area than in large cities in Poland, which is attractive not only for the local population, but also for foreigners. Also, experts advise to pay attention to new buildings in the suburbs of Warsaw and other large cities of the country. Property prices in Poland are growing on average by 10-20 percent per year, so property in this country has a high investment potential.

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