France, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, India
The most expensive private residences in the world

Unique, unusual, mesmerizing and striking - these are the epithets that describe the most expensive private residences in the world collected in this property selection. The properties that you will s...

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Unique, unusual, mesmerizing and striking - these are the epithets that describe the most expensive private residences in the world collected in this property selection. The properties that you will see, have been designed and built by the best architects, each of these residences has been built with special preferences and for special people. Of course, in the luxury real estate market we see very expensive, but quite understandable for the modern look, private houses, the cost of which is determined, rather, by their size and design. Each residence presented in this property selection are also incredibly expensive. Each property has its own history, philosophy and concept, and some of them seem to be simply priceless architectural monuments. When we hear about Buckingham Palace or see photographs of the residence of the King of France Leopold II on the Cote d'Azur, we rather think about the history of their creation and mentally go back to the past centuries. When we're reading about the former residence of the legendary Pierre Cardin, the amazing "Bubble Palace" in Cannes, built by the architect Antti Lovag, many will rather think about how such an unusual project could have been brought to life. Or, having heard about the most expensive house built of gold, platinum, meteorite and dinosaur bones, it is generally difficult to imagine what it is, how it might look and cost. But, as we know, almost everything in the world has its price. This is especially true for real estate and there are no limits here, because the value of real estate always consists of a large number of factors. Despite the fact that the real estate market already offers residences that cost billions of dollars, we can always expect new large-scale projects from the best architects and influential investors of the world.

Los Angeles, State of California, United States of America
The largest private residence in the USA

In California, and more specifically in Bel Air, there is the largest and most expensive mega-mansion in the United States. It was designed by Neil Niami and designed by architect Paul McClean and interior designer Catherine Rotondi. This grandiose private residence hit the real estate market last year, with a reported $ 500 million price tag that amazed even sophisticated realtors and luxury property owners. The mansion is located on the top of a green hill, and its area is as much as 9300 square meters. m. In such a territory, the creators of the project could afford to do anything, and they did it. The residence has a fully developed internal entertainment infrastructure, including a nightclub, bowling alley, several luxurious pools, a cinema with 36 seats, an art gallery, a spa salon and even a place for holding charity events. It will not be difficult for the owners and their numerous guests to settle down and live comfortably.The house has 21 bedrooms and 42 bathrooms, and the dimensions of the main suite are about 500 sq. m.area. This property is truly striking in its scale, and it is not surprising that the creators took about 8 years to implement and complete the project, and they really tried to make the largest mansion in Los Angeles one of the most luxurious and luxurious private residences.
Despite the price announced at the beginning of last year, it has been significantly reduced. Now the cost of the mansion is $ 340 million.

340 000 000 USD
Switzerland's mystery - the most expensive private home in the world

Seeing a photograph of this house in the Italian part of Switzerland, you never think that it could be so expensive. Moreover, the information about the owner and the location of the house is strictly classified, which shrouds it even more secrecy, given its $ 12 billion value.
Modest, for the money, the area of ​​the residence is 725 sq. m, it has 8 bedrooms, a large terrace with a swimming pool, a garage for several cars. What makes this mysterious house the most expensive in the world? The answer lies in the finishes and materials used in construction and interior design. As is known from various sources, more than 200 tons of precious metals have been used in the decoration. The author of the project was the famous designer Stewart Hughes, known for his shocking antics and weaving a huge amount of gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. into projects. But then he surpassed himself. The bar in the living room is decorated with natural meteorite. The bar used plates from the bones of the Raptor dinosaur, which lived on earth 65 million years ago, and the floors throughout the house are made using shavings from the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex, which is tens of millions of years old. Are you as surprised as we are? It's really incredible, extravagant and shocking. Many experts even believe that such a house does not exist at all, while others are inclined to think that it is real, located in the Italian part of Switzerland, owned by an unknown but very wealthy owner and is worth $ 12 billion. Thus, it is the most expensive private house in the world today.

12 000 000 000 USD