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The most expensive real estate of Russian billionaires from the Forbes list

Many showbiz or sports stars are happy to showcase their property on their personal pages of social networks or invite famous journalists, combining interviews with home reviews. But the information a...

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Many showbiz or sports stars are happy to showcase their property on their personal pages of social networks or invite famous journalists, combining interviews with home reviews. But the information about the real estate of Russian businessmen who consistently appear in the Forbes ratings, as a rule, remains closed. The beneficiaries of transactions are often legal companies or unknown relatives of businessmen.

And yet, we found 8 houses in Europe that belong to the richest Russian businessmen. Abramovich, Deripaska, Fridman - these names are known to almost everyone in the world and are usually paired with the prefix "Russian oligarch". Traditionally, the sphere of interests of the Russian super-rich is the UK, namely London and the suburbs. Even Mikhail Fridman, who has repeatedly stated that real estate is a liability that requires fixed costs, discovered the most that is an asset in the historic estate in Hamstead. They say that even after millions in investments in restoration, the market value of the estate will only increase. Oleg Deripaska is becoming more and more cautious when buying or selling property in Europe (sanctions are affecting), but we can still admire his beautiful villa in St Tropez and celebrate the sale of a luxury mansion in the UK by a businessman's relative.
If London purchases can be more closely related to capital investment, then the acquisition of a medieval Scottish estate by Vladimir Lisin - number two on the Forbes list - is a purchase for the soul. They say that Lisin is an avid hunter, therefore he will definitely manage the huge hunting grounds wisely. Rumors say that the ancient 17th century castle is inhabited by ghosts, but such a highlight will only increase the price of this extravagant real estate in Scotland.
Often, it is the richest people set new trends in the real estate market in Europe. So, let's continue to observe what investment trends will be chosen by the most successful people in the new year 2021?

Saint-Tropez, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, France
Oleg Deripaska's real estate and his villa in Saint-Tropez

Oleg Deripaska is a Russian entrepreneur, billionaire and philanthropist who also owns very expensive real estate. Despite the fact that in 2018 one of the richest businessmen in Russia transferred one real estate in France to his relatives, we cannot but take into account one of the most expensive villas in the world, which he owned, well, or in fact is still since. We are talking about a villa in Saint-Tropez - a fashionable resort and home to world bohemians, billionaires and celebrities.

The website of the project company Bear Project Management, which carried out the renovation of Villa Héraclès in Saint-Tropez for the billionaire, says that they valued their work at € 17.9 million. According to Bear PM, the complex in Saint-Tropez includes the main villa, a guest house and a house for the staff. There is also a 130 hectare park, two swimming pools and a spa.

Realtors estimate Deripaska's villa in Saint-Tropez at € 250 million.

And more recently, in mid-2020, there was interesting news that an estate owned by a relative of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska was put up for sale in the English county of Surrey. The house associated with the name of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in which he allegedly thought through the details of the Normandy landing, was estimated at $ 21 million. It was built in the 1930s on the estate of St. George's Hill near London.

250 000 000 EUR
Caesarea, Haifa District, Israel
The majestic palace of billionaire Valery Kogan in Israel

As it became known recently, the co-owner of the Domodedovo airport, billionaire Valery Kogan, put up for sale his luxurious estate in Israel. This magnificent royal style residence overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is located in the prestigious Caesarea.

A majestic palace with more than 5864.96 sq. m of living space, is a true embodiment of Baroque and Rococo architecture and European royal design, which invisibly includes the most modern high-tech controls.

The interior features natural marble and onyx mosaics, 14-carat gold stucco moldings, unique parquet floors, silk carpets and carefully selected custom-made furniture.

As you enter this huge palace, you are greeted by crystal chandeliers and marble columns that set the tone for the rest of the space. Ground floor amenities include a living room with dining area and separate breakfast room, a fully equipped chef's kitchen and a library to provide you and your guests with the most memorable experience. A majestic staircase leads to the upper level where there are 3 en suite bedrooms, a study and a spacious master bedroom with 2 bathrooms and several dressing rooms.

The house is surrounded by a garden with fountains, sculptures and arches. The territory has its own spa, tennis court, swimming pool, rooms for guests and servants, as well as an autonomous power station that provides electricity needs.

This luxury property is for sale for $ 259,891,401

259 891 401 USD