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The most Luxurious RV homes: Premium Comfort for Road Life

Is it really comfortable to travel in your own RV? Yes! Moreover, the conditions can be absolutely luxurious. But what do we usually imagine when we think of a motor home? A small trailer with a bed,...

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Is it really comfortable to travel in your own RV? Yes!
Moreover, the conditions can be absolutely luxurious. But what do we usually imagine when we think of a motor home? A small trailer with a bed, a tiny kitchen area, and a dry closet? Trust us, our new selection will open you up to a whole new world of true luxury homes on wheels. The RV market today is incredibly developed. The very idea of ​​combining accommodation with travel appeared quite a long time ago, the beginning of the development of the era of auto tourism falls on the 1930s of the last century. It was then that the first mobile homes began to appear, were simple designs, most often rounded trailers, but over time the projects became better and more convenient, and this concept of life became incredibly popular, especially in the United States.
It's safe to say that the demand for motorhomes is still very high today. One of the factors that spurred interest in such an unusual housing in 2020 was a pandemic, because many people have adapted to the specifics of remote work, and what could be better than the opportunity to work from their own home, which can be anywhere in the world. People live on their own yachts, but why not live in a motorhome! Modern RVs first of all are high-tech and safe, the ergonomics of the cabin are thought out in detail: stylish, designer interiors with detailed functionality are equipped with the latest technology. Modern RVs have a comfortable kitchen, sleeping and living areas and comfortable spacious bathrooms.
An interesting fact is that such houses simply adore celebrities. Rvs have already been purchased by Jim Carrey, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Richard Gere, Sylvester Stalonne and many other celebrities. The cost of luxury Rvs starts at $ 450,000 and some of them cost several millions. For example, actor Will Smith bought his luxury RV for $ 2.5 million!
So, are you ready for the trip? Then let's go!

Modern luxury motorhome from German manufacturers

A large German company offers a wide range of truly luxurious and quality motorhomes, which are not only designed for short trips, but can also serve as real luxury accommodation. The combination of stunning design and the best German car manufacturing technology provides a serious cost for this mobile home. Depending on the equipment, layout, interiors and many other functions, the cost of a motorhome from Vario mobile varies from € 494,635 to € 1,450,430, but with additional functions it can grow up to € 1,700,000.

The company's most expensive RV today is the VARIO Perfect 1200 PLATINUM - a true blend of precision and innovation. It is ideal for those who want to live and travel in luxury at the same time. This exclusive 26 tonne luxury motorhome with a king size double bed, with a convenient e-Glide sliding door system, offers the most modern living space ambiance in bentART design. American walnut is combined with attractive matt white satin furniture fronts to create modern contrasts. Two people who appreciate the extraordinary atmosphere will feel comfortable aboard this land yacht. Leather upholstery, a comfortable driver's cab with a multifunctional leather steering wheel and electrically adjustable seats, a separate sitting area with a dining area and a large bathroom with rustART-style dashboard, walk-in shower and designer lighting elements - all this will allow owners to feel here like houses. And, of course, the technical characteristics of the motorhome are simply impeccable, thanks to the many years of experience of the best German professionals in the field of mobile homes.

494 600 EUR - 1 700 000 EUR
Texas, United States of America
Unique RV homes for celebrities and millionaires

Anderson Mobile Estates, a Texas-based company, has been producing stunning motorhomes since 1987 for the comfortable travel of popular people around the world. The company's clients include a huge number of world stars: Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, Ice Cube, Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Whitney Houston, Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, and even the former President Bill Clinton ... and these are just a few of them. For example, the cost of a motorhome series The Heat, which belongs to actor Will Smith, is worth $ 2.5 million.

The stunning design of The Heat and a very expensive interior, with all the elements of luxury, technology and convenience, is ideal for celebrities, politicians and businessmen who prefer to travel long distances in comfort, feeling like at home. Anderson Mobile Estates not only offers motorhomes for Hollywood and entertainment stars, they also create trailers suitable for business and corporate America. Some companies have private jets, they can now have a private multi-level Mobile Estate that you can take with you wherever you go - trailers are great for business meetings, conferences and travel. In the photos you see the trailer for The Heat, but the company has a huge number of models and options for any client's needs, which can be seen on the website of this company.

2 500 000 USD
The most expensive trailer in the world EleMMent Palazzo

The world's most expensive RV was recently sold in Dubai for $ 3.1 million. EleMMent Palazzo is an extravagant piece of art from the Austrian manufacturer Marchi. The sleek, streamlined body in a futuristic design stands out from any motorhome in the world. The EleMMent Palazzo Superior is Marchi's flagship model and has been recognized in over 190 countries as the most luxurious and, without a doubt, the most outstanding mobile home to date. Its appearance speaks for itself, combining design elements from the worlds of motorsport, aviation and yachting, which combine to create a unique masterpiece.

The striking appearance of the cab was ahead of its time and was manufactured with the utmost precision using high quality carbon fiber materials. Its sports car styling lines, digital central instrument cluster and MMI control system, and helicopter-style panoramic windshield - these elements will not leave anyone indifferent.

The body structure underlines the austere design of the EleMMent series while offering outstanding functionality and comfort. The Sky Lounge with an automatic lift system is one of the highlights of the EleMent Palazzo Superior. An external staircase leads to a spacious terrace with built-in seating furniture and underfloor heating. Manufacturers have focused on interior design to create a true “home away from home” for owners accustomed to only the highest standards. The layout of the EleMMent Palazzo Superior will refute the pre-existing stereotypes of mobile homes. Its purposeful engineering has resulted in a living space that provides maximum comfort for owners and guests.

3 100 000 USD
Five star hotel inside the Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection

Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection is a new take on the luxury motorhome range: the perfect combination of the latest automotive technology and a true home atmosphere. The state-of-the-art interior design impresses with its homely and quality concept, while the sleek exterior lines and pleasing exterior design make your heart beat faster even before you step into the cabin. Volvo's bus chassis provides a solid foundation for both relaxed and safe driving. This RV has a “ground floor” compartment that can accommodate a Mini-Cooper or Fiat 500, as well as plenty of extra space and storage for two bicycles, a table and chairs, barbecue equipment, etc. at the bottom, the entire living space remains intact.

The layout of this motorhome includes a large sitting area in the living room that can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people, a kitchen, a spacious bathroom and a bedroom with a king-size bed. The interior is equipped with a new line of furniture EdgeLine, which impresses with its clear functional lines. The accentuated use of oak on the floor, on the spacious table and in the dining room creates a cozy atmosphere in which you feel right at home. In addition to extremely harmonious combinations of shapes and colors using the latest lighting technology, functionality is of the utmost importance. With a variety of floor plans, materials, as well as designs and color combinations, each buyer can design a living area to suit their tastes and needs. In this way, both proven floor plans and individual ideas can be realized.
The Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection, one of the most expensive caravans, costs $ 1.7 million individually.

From 895 000 USD