Real estate in Moscow: modern residential developments in Europe's largest metropolis

Moscow is Europe's largest metropolis and the main economic centre of the largest country in the world. This city is growing every year, not only in terms of population, but also expanding its territo...

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Moscow is Europe's largest metropolis and the main economic centre of the largest country in the world. This city is growing every year, not only in terms of population, but also expanding its territory by building new housing estates and complexes in areas far from the centre. The real estate market in Moscow is the most active and liquid real estate market in the country, consistently showing price growth. And yet, the most attractive, liquid, and just plain convenient for living and working are the central districts of the city. Modern real estate in the centre of Moscow is synonymous with luxury and prestige. But is it now possible to find modern residential complexes in the centre of the metropolis? How much will it cost and what do they look like? You will find the answers to these questions in our property selection. Here we tell you about four large-scale residential projects in Moscow that are striking in their beauty, privacy and expanse - real oases in the centre of the big city. Such projects are commonly referred to as 'city within a city', as they have an incredibly rich and saturated infrastructure, allowing you to receive all necessary services without leaving the territory. We will tell you about the projects of new residential complexes, which are created with love for their residents. The complexes are located in the best prestigious locations in the city, close to the centre, have large areas and real green parks. Is it possible to live in the largest metropolis and feel the seclusion, to live in a house, where you forget about all the problems and bustle, where modern architecture borders with huge green parks. Take a look at the selection and you'll see for yourself. The projects offer a huge number of services and amenities that you can get from the comfort of your own home. Each complex has a kids-friendly concept - everything is made for the happiness and development of young residents, from large play areas to modern developmental schools.

Moscow, Russian Federation
Victory Park Residences - a luxurious oasis in a modern metropolis

A residence in the new residential project Victory Park is a place where you forget about all the problems and hassle, where modern architecture borders a huge green park and offers unique views of the panorama of Moscow, and where there is spacious private territory and generous infrastructure.

The large-scale project offers 226 flats with view balconies, 30 flats with private patios, 27 penthouses with private terraces and 150 corner-glazed flats, ranging in size from 64 sqm to 301 sqm in one of the best places to live in Moscow - Victory Park Residences is where you're sure to find your ideal residence.

Victory Park Residences seamlessly transitions into Victory Park, Russia's largest memorial complex and a favourite place for city residents. First-class Victory Gallery service is the dream of any inhabitant of a metropolis. Residents of the complex will have all the necessary shops and services available right here, right now. Victory Park Residences is a totally kid-friendly complex. Every detail of the project is imbued with love for residents of all ages, and the Victory Kids kindergarten with its 1500 sqm area will be a second favourite place for young residents after home.

The enclosed secure park on the project site is full of opportunities to enjoy the natural space, spending time by the beautiful pond, having picnics a minute away or relaxing with friends in the BBQ areas.

Shops, swimming pools, sports centres and playgrounds, an oceanarium, places for entertainment and relaxation, cafes and restaurants, yoga and meditation spaces, eco-markets, floral boutiques and much more - Victory Park Residences has everything to enjoy loving yourself and your loved ones.

50 207 000 RUB - 200 220 000 RUB
Moscow, Russian Federation
"Shagal" residential quarter - Europe's largest project, Moscow

The new residential project Shagal is located in the Danilovsky district, a five-minute walk from Marc Chagall Embankment in Moscow. The whole area is designed according to the principle of 15-minute accessibility: an elaborate route will take you to every infrastructure object. This principle is respected at every stage of construction.

One of the main features of Shagal will be the proximity of different building typologies and housing formats that have never intersected within a single district in Moscow - from townhouses to skyscrapers. Tall towers stand by the water, offering a beautiful view of the Moskva River, while low-rise urban villas with green inner courtyards sit near a park.

The dominant feature of the project is a 150-meter amphitheatre facing the river, which seats up to 4,000 people. An impressive infrastructure with a food court, bar, outdoor pool, event space, fitness centres, restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, 'mooring leisure' infrastructure and much more is at the disposal of the residents. Literally all sides of Shagal are surrounded by boulevards and parks, one of which runs along the Marc Chagal promenade. Nagatinskaya Floodplain Park and the Kolomenskoye Museum-Preserve are 1.5 km away. Only 1.6 km separate Shagal from Tufelovy Grove with its four thousand deciduous and coniferous trees.

The modern residential neighbourhood of Shagal offers a choice of properties from studios to three-bedroom flats ranging in size from 29.9 to 126.9 sq m.

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