Extravagant luxury or today's necessity: floating houses as a lifestyle

Floating housess or houseboats are undoubtedly a global trend that is developing very rapidly. At present, designers from all over the world are increasingly presenting new houseboat projects, and dev...

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Floating housess or houseboats are undoubtedly a global trend that is developing very rapidly. At present, designers from all over the world are increasingly presenting new houseboat projects, and developers are happy to bring unusual ideas to life. Already now, manufacturers can offer models and configurations to lovers of floating houses that are suitable for specific purposes and customer requests, such as floating houses for permanent residence all year round or for country holidays, houseboats with beach clubs, luxury hotel suites, offices and even helicopter sites.

We have created a selection of very interesting projects - from expensive and luxurious, like the Dutch houseboat Arkup or the innovative floating island Kokomo Ailand, as well as affordable floating houses from French, Russian and Portuguese manufacturers. Of course, houseboats are a certain lifestyle that has many benefits. It is worth noting that manufacturers of modern houseboats, in addition to cutting-edge designs and ease of use, pay special attention to the environmental friendliness of their projects, using solar panels, filtration systems, and some install motors that do not use fossil fuels.

A houseboat is a great alternative to home on the sea or on the lake. At a minimum, houseboats guarantees an unobstructed views that won't be obstructed by new buildings, as is often the case in coastal cities. Plus, if you want to live in your own house, and not in an apartment overlooking the sea, ocean or lake, then, basically, it is not enough just to find building land at an affordable price. In this regard, a houseboat, in which you can not only live, but also move around the world with maximum comfort, is a real discovery.

We invite you to get acquainted with the most impressive modern houseboats and luxurious futuristic projects of the near future.

A work of art - floating island Kokomo Ailand

Kokomo Ailand is a true work of art and the world's only custom-made mobile island, worth $ 300 million. This unique "floating island", which is a yacht and a beach club, and includes residential luxury suites and even a penthouse, was designed by leading engineers and designers at Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht. The design incorporates the ultra-modern conveniences of a megayacht with the dramatic atmosphere of an exotic island.

So, what is there on this mobile island? Here are some places of interest: penthouse hundreds of feet above sea level, glass bottom jacuzzi, jungle deck with waterfall pool and lush hanging gardens, beach terrace BBQ with pool and swim-up bar, open-air cinema, park area for walks, spa with fully equipped gym and beauty salon, lift to the secret beach club, laser shows, dance floor, shark feeding station, private underwater dining room, helipad, and much more. The average size of the "island" in length is 117 m, width is 78 m, and the maximum speed is eight knots (approximately nine miles per hour). Since the mobile island is made to order, it can be completely personalized according to the client's taste.

According to Migaloo CEO Christian Grampold: “Living at and near the sea will become the megatrend of the future. Kokomo Ailand Island could be the first step in adapting to this new way of life. ” Recall that Migaloo recently designed a superyacht worth 800 million pounds sterling, which turns into a submarine - this company definitely knows a lot about extravagant offers for its equally extravagant clients!

300 000 000 USD
A grand project - a floating island in the Caribbean

Blue Estate Island is a stunning floating island project in the Caribbean Sea, a true luxury city on the water with all the infrastructure, designed for 15,000 permanent residents. The Blue Estate Island project, which positions itself as the city of the future, will be located between Miami and the Bahamas, and its area will be 1.5 sq km, which is not much less than the area of ​​the famous Monaco. Island According to the project, the island will have residential residences, businesses, schools, hospitals and everything needed for a comfortable life.

The island will be completely safe and extremely reliable in its design - protective outer walls up to 50 meters high will protect against high ocean waves, and when a particularly powerful hurricane approaches, the island may temporarily move, leaving the dangerous area. Above all, the Blue Estate developers are of course thinking about the environmental impact of such a huge project, so they are going to implement a system of renewable energy sources of sun, water, wind and tides in order to reduce the negative impact of the island on CO2 emissions.

Developers and investors have already announced the cost of housing on Blue Estate Island - the prices are amazing! For example, the Ring Level studio apartments will cost from $ 25,000, while the Signature Estate mega-mansions cost $ 1.5 billion. The pre-sale is already open, but construction is scheduled to begin in 2022 and the first phase will be completed by the end of 2023. The complete completion of the project is scheduled for 2025.

The idea of ​​the project is also based on the creation on the island itself of a favorable business environment with zero taxes and minimal restrictions, which will surely attract many businessmen from all over the world.

25 000 USD - 1 500 000 000 USD