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Protect the planet or survive in underground bunkers? The choice is ours.

If you still thought that owning or living in a bunker was something unlikely, fantastic, and something that can only be seen in films about the apocalypse, then our selection will open you the amazin...

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If you still thought that owning or living in a bunker was something unlikely, fantastic, and something that can only be seen in films about the apocalypse, then our selection will open you the amazing and unusual world of the whole industry of creating bunkers, and you will be surprised how much demand underground shelters are in the real estate market. An industry with a proven technology for creating bunkers has existed for a long time, but periodically world events spur consumer interest in this product. In 2020, such an event was a pandemic, which entailed a lockdown. There was a keen understanding that a global threat could overtake quickly and without warning, and many wanted to have a place for shelter. The market reacted with lightning speed. Affordable shelter options have appeared - the cost of small bunkers, where there is everything you need to live comfortably for at least a couple of years, starts at just $ 35,000, which shattered the myth that bunkers are available only to the most influential and wealthy people on the planet.
Developers did not stand aside and began to create options for hybrid housing, providing for a combination of a standard above-ground house with an underground one, where all the necessary equipment is installed and supplies of food and water are provided in case of a disaster. There are even entire residential complexes underground. Interestingly, there are options that will save you from the consequences of the apocalypse in quite ordinary-looking real estate. For example, a complex of stylish modern villas in Thailand is specially designed and built with reinforced materials.
A separate segment, as before, is luxury expensive underground shelters, which includes several floors with beautifully furnished apartments, various entertainment and modern technologies for survival.
You will learn about all this by looking through our new selection, and we all wish that on Earth there will never be a need to live in a bunker.

World's largest billionaire bunker

The Oppidum bunker was originally designed as a joint military facility between the former Czechoslovakia and the former Soviet Union, and construction began back in 1984. In those years, this top-secret facility was designed in case of a man-made disaster or a nuclear attack, but in 2013 a major reconstruction and repair was carried out.

Now, the largest bunker in the world, located in a quiet valley in the Czech Republic, is a huge property with an area of ​​323,000 sq ft (30,000 sq m) includes both an above-ground residential complex where owners can maintain a high standard of living in a secluded location above the ground during a potential hazard, and an underground bunker of 77,500 sq ft (7,200 sq m) - the largest residential hideaway in the world.

The complex is protected by several high security systems (from high walls and detection sensors to automated protection technologies) and reliable communication with the outside world. Residents can enter the hideout by walking down a secret corridor to the bunker, sealing it with an anti-blast door in less than a minute. This allows residents to quickly return to above ground dwellings after the threat has passed.
The underground bunker Oppidum will be a place where residents can be isolated and protected from the threat of nuclear war, man-made disasters, disease, natural disasters or personal threats, from terrorists to zombies.

The planned luxury underground complex on two levels includes a total area of ​​77,500 sq ft with ceilings 13 feet high. The layout includes one large apartment of 6750 sq ft (627 sq m) and six apartments of 1720 sq ft (160 sq m). Luxurious features include an underground garden with artificial natural light, as well as a spa, pool, cinema, library and other recreational areas. There will be offices and a conference room, as well as medical and surgical facilities. Individual private vaults will also be designed to store valuables and personal art collections.

The entire Oppidum complex can be controlled from an underground control center with exclusive access to internal communications networks and the outside world. The bunker will also be able to provide long-term housing for residents - up to 10 years if needed - without the need for external costs.

Unfortunately, the price of the object itself and its components is disclosed only to serious buyers.

Price on request
United States, United States of America
Comfortable underground cities of refuge in the USA

The largest survival community on Earth, Vivos are fully autonomous complexes designed to survive almost any global disaster, including natural and man-made ones. According to the developers themselves and the ideological inspirers of the project - whatever the threat, these shelters are built and designed to withstand or mitigate almost all the consequences of disasters - from pole shifts, supervolcanic eruptions, solar flares, earthquakes, tsunamis, pandemics, asteroid strikes, to the threat of nuclear explosions, biological or chemical disasters, terrorism and even widespread anarchy.

The vaults include complete and fully equipped living quarters with semi-private bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas, spacious lounges and meeting areas, computer rooms, gyms, a library, there is even a detention area, storage of valuables and ammunition. communication center, laundries, workshops and much more. The larger shelters have medical and dental centers with X-ray equipment.

These shelters do provide everything you need for autonomous safety, protection, comfort and well-being for each co-owner. Almost every detail here is thought out and planned for human safety, and everything necessary for survival in an autonomous mode will be enough for everyone for at least a year. Community members only need to be in time to arrive at the bunker before their facility is blocked and protected from the outside world.

The prices are very affordable, for example, in the United States, the cost of such a bunker is from $ 35,000.

From 35 000 USD
Kansas, United States of America
Elite nuclear condo-bunker in USA

This unique bunker in the form of an underground condominium, located in the center of Kansas in the USA, surrounded by fields, offers the wealthy and influential people of the world a stylish way to survive the apocalypse.

Not attractive on the outside, but luxurious on the inside - this high-tech, 15-story underground complex offers luxurious living spaces on par with luxury residences. The upper floors house public facilities such as an animal park, games room, pool, climbing wall, medical bay and grocery stores, while the next seven floors below these levels provide luxury living spaces. On the lower four floors, there is a classroom and library, a cinema and a bar, and a gym. Along with the medical bay, the Survival Condo has a registered pharmacy as well as a storage facility to store medicines for up to seven years for each resident. The condominium even has a weapons room for the safety of residents, and the Survival Condo grocery stores include all the essential food items that are shelf stable for up to 35 years.

It is very interesting that monitors located in all living quarters allow you to observe the world around you (thanks to external surveillance cameras). Condominium owner Larry Hall says the illusion of sight is vital to maintaining mental health.

Buying a property at Survival Condo is not easy. Half of one floor, which is 83 sq m of area, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a main living room - will cost $ 1.5 million. The entire floor will cost $ 3 million, and a luxurious 420 sq m, worth $ 4.5 million.

1 500 000 USD - 4 500 000 USD
Texas, United States of America
Bunkers for every taste from American manufacturers

The largest American manufacturer of steel bunkers, Rising S Bunkers offers a truly large selection of steel underground bunkers, storm shelters and bomb shelters to suit all tastes. A leader in the innovation and design of underground shelters, this American company has both humble mini bunkers for $ 39,500 and stunning luxury underground shelters that cost up to $ 8,350,000.

All bunkers are built to order and you can choose as many options necessary for your survival as possible. But even the most modest mini bunker is quite a comfortable hideaway, which includes a single bunk bed with storage space, a basic air filtration system, a kitchen table, a stainless steel sink, kitchen shelves, a water pressure pump, a water pumping tank, a system for fresh water entrance, toilet, TV / DVD, LED lighting, solar charging system, quite pleasant interior and exterior covering for 150 years.

The luxury option, of course, will be much more luxurious, a real oasis underground, with games rooms, a sauna, a gym, a media room, a bowling alley, a shooting range and a swimming pool. This elite bunker also features an overhead “safe house” with bulletproof walls and an isolated entrance to an underground shelter. Of course, such a shelter will be equipped with all kinds of super reliable technical systems, beautiful interiors, special rooms and even a large parking lot.

Whatever the bunker, the main thing is to have time to get to it in time.

39 500 USD - 8 350 000 USD
Huge underground shelter in the center of Europe, Germany

In the heart of Europe lies one of the most fortified and massive underground survival shelters on Earth. Created by the Soviet Union, this shelter was a fortress for military equipment and ammunition during the Cold War. This privately owned 30.8-hectare site above and below ground is capable of withstanding a significant nuclear explosion at close range, direct airliner crashes, biological and chemical attacks, powerful shockwaves, earthquakes, electromagnetic pulses, floods and attacks from virtually any military force.

Vivos Europa One is the world's largest private underground shelter with a total value of $ 1 billion, designed to keep people safe and secure for the long term and safeguard their most valuable assets. The underground complex includes over 23,000 sq m of protected, explosion-proof residential premises, as well as additional 4,079 sq m of overground offices, apartments, warehouse buildings and our own railway depot. Collectively, there are over 5 kilometers of continuous tunnel chambers.

The complex is currently in full working order, ready to improve the common area and 34 private residential premises. Once completed, Vivos Europa One will allow those who purchase a seat there to autonomously survive almost any disaster for several years without having to surface.

Residents can arrive at the bunker at their discretion before it is blocked, by cars or private jets, which can land at nearby airports and from which they will be picked up by Vivos helicopters and taken to a shelter, securely protected by sealed walls, gates and anti-blast doors.

The semi-private suite costs € 35,000 per person and the individual comfortable luxury apartment cost € 2 million.

35 000 EUR - 2 000 000 EUR
Las Vegas, State of Nevada, United States of America
Home with a surprise in Las Vegas

Looking at this house, you would never think that under it, at a depth of 8 meters, there is a real bunker from the Cold War times. Built in 1979 by Jerry Henderson, businessman, philanthropist and CEO of Avon, this underground Las Vegas home reflects the era in which it was created. Luxurious underground shelter of 1,393 sq m - a real oasis for staying underground in difficult times for the planet. It is equipped with a functional kitchen, five bedrooms, a swimming pool, fireplace and even a waterfall. The interior of the bunker uses the best materials and technologies that the specialists of those years could offer. The mansion also has several meeting areas, a cinema and a games room with two bars. A television console is hidden in one of the bedrooms, which can be pulled out of the headboard by pressing a button on a special remote control, in the best traditions of American spy films. Each room is equipped with its own bathroom. The communications system is represented by a separate generator and a reservoir for the mansion, designed for 4.5 thousand liters.

The hideout has a beautiful garden with trees, a fountain, pool and barbecue. There are also beautiful, but not real illuminated windows in which you will see images of nature.

Stéphane La Forge, real estate agent for BHHS in Nevada, says that while the house is not 100% disaster-proof, "you can have a rave there and no one can hear you." Well, the huge cost of the house is likely to be justified only for those who appreciate interesting and unusual real estate.

18 000 000 USD