We are
The Leading
of the World,
a global marketing company based in Switzerland. Our expertise is in referral marketing, and our goal is to help you increase your revenues through referrals.
We offer tailored services to real estate professionals, architects, interior designers, lawyers, notaries, private bankers, wealth managers, brokers and relocation and immigration agents, focusing on confidentiality and the needs of your clients and transactions.
Securing referrals in crossborder transactions and luxury goods & services.
Share the referrals and commissions across multiple parties.
Managing referral schemes and payments.
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to contact our team
Sergey Sander
Irina Steiger
Julia Riva
General business and client-related enquiries.
Buying and renting property, relocation and tax-related assistance in German Switzerland.
Inquiries for relocation, purchase and sales of real estate in Italy
In close cooperation between The Leading Properties of the World and Sander Recommends, we also successfully promote our business partners on social media, increase their brand awareness and attract new clients
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